Saturday, October 6, 2007

Royal Chitwan National Park {rhinos}

The Royal Chitwan National Park is 360 square miles in size and once was the private hunting land for the King of Nepal. Of the hundred breeding tigers left in Nepal about 50 are in Chitwan. I went on a special trip with my own guide one day in search of the elusive Bengal Tiger but only came up with a fresh paw print from earlier in the day. The rhinos are most impressive and you are given instruction on what to do if they charge and you are on foot. It actually happened to one group while I was there. By the way, you zigzag as you run as they do not change direction well. Also do not wear bright colored clothing. This safari is no way comparative to Africa but was nice for a couple of days rest. But your wildlife viewing will be mostly rhinos, birds and a few monkeys along with the elephants that you ride.

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