Saturday, October 6, 2007

Going Home

Monday April 9, 2006

I leave Kathmandu Airport at 12:45 pm but I have a 6 hr layover in New Delhi, India, airport. Not my favorite place. After spending almost 6 hrs waiting in New Delhi, I almost missed my flight because no one called me regarding the boarding pass. When I finally found someone to help me about 30 minutes before takeoff they said I was not on the passenger list. Not a good thing since only one flight a day goes to the US . I showed them my ticket and they finally agreed I could board but my large bag would have to come on a later flight. After boarding the plane I was called up to the front by the stewardesses. I thought they were going to kick me off the plane due to overbooking but they said I was being upgraded to 1st class for my troubles. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. I have never flown 1st class before but since I had a 14 hr flight to the US, this was a good time to give it a try. How bad could it be. LOL Good food, good wine and seat that reclines to a bed. This is the way to travel. On my way home now but starting to think of Costa Rica or Peru. Stay tuned.

" The real treasure, that which we all seek, is never very far; there is no real need to seek it in a distant place, for it lies buried within our own hearts. And yet there is this strange and persistent fact, that it is only after a journey in a distant region, in a new land, that the way to that treasure becomes clear."

Heinrich Zimmer

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